Vlada and Louis

Hello dear site Dating.com!

My name is Vlada, I am 27 years old and a couple of months ago I lived in my hometown of Kremenchug in Ukraine. Now I want to tell you how I met my love on the Dating.com website and went to live in Mexico.

I came to the site to find my love at the end of March 2021, this is where it all started. After a couple of weeks, our communication with Louis began on this site. We talked for a long time, about 8 months and got to know each other.

In September, we decided that it was time for us to meet, since we were already very close and we had many plans for a joint future and life together. While talking, Luis suggested that I move to live in Mexico with him and I agreed. We met at the end of November in Kiev, and spent a wonderful week together, where we understood for sure that this was fate. At the end of our meeting, we packed our suitcase together and flew to Mexico, and now I have been living here for two months. Our relationship is just perfect and I want to say that it is really real to meet your destiny on the site, I also want to wish all users of the site to find their love and are not afraid of changes in life.

Louis and I are very happy and grateful to you!

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