Alejandra and Dave

Without being what I was looking for, it ends up being what I need. People always appear when we least expect it and if two people are destined to meet, the universe conspires to make it possible.

It all started when I received a message from an interesting man who caught my attention immediately. I responded to his message and we began to exchange very interesting topics. As our conversations progressed, I became more and more captivated by his way of thinking and expressing himself. Despite language differences, we found a way to understand each other and connect on a deeper level. Finally, we decided to take the step of having our first meeting through a video chat. After this experience, we made the exciting decision to meet in person. Despite the challenges we faced, we were willing to overcome them to get to know each other better.

Dave is a loving and kind man, who despite his visual limitation gives everything he can to make me feel good. He is an attentive man; He had the initiative to come from afar to share pleasant moments, we visited shopping centers, division parks and walked outdoors, we enjoyed typical Colombian dishes and the rich creamy ice creams that Dave loved, I feel very lucky to have met him and share a lovely week; He is a special man and despite the age difference, we have understood each other in an unimaginable way. Age doesn't matter when you find the right person. Dave came into my life to teach me the true meaning of happiness, the importance of empathy and generosity in human relationships.

"I am deeply grateful to and Amo Latina for giving us the opportunity to meet."

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