Helen and Ricardo

Hello, I want to share my experience of meeting Ricardo on Dating.com .

Looking back, I see how everything happened so quickly! It was like a dream. It was July 8, 2021 when we first met. I hadn’t been on the site for long before I started chatting to Ricardo. We joked about our first experience using the platform. After a few days chatting, he invited me to dinner! I felt a bit nervous accepting but I felt good about him so went for it. Glad I did!

We met in the T zone north of Bogotá on July 10, 2021 at 8pm. It was a crepes and waffles restaurant. When I arrived, I had such butterflies but when I saw Ricardo I immediately relaxed and realized it was a good decision. He was sitting at the table waiting for me drinking a glass of water. We managed to break the ice quickly and had an amazing conversation. He told me about his family, we talked about our experiences, and even chatted about our jobs. It was a great time and we almost forgot about eating!

Ricardo was a real gentleman and showed so much respect to me. The date was a real success and time passed so quickly! I took some photos and a video to capture the memories. And after we decided to carry on getting to know each other! Now we have a beautiful friendship and time will tell if it develops further. I hope so!

Helen and Ricardo

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