Julia and Stefan

My name is Julia. From childhood while reading fairytales, I was dreaming about true love and a happy family. But a lot of things went wrong and I lost my hope and never thought my dreams could come true. Until I met HIM. We met each other on Dating.com almost 2 years ago. It is great that you can find your love even on the other side of the world. Each of us had our own history, broken hearts and both almost lost trust and faith in people. But we were lucky to meet each other here. Endless chats and video calls, long travels to see each other. It took us almost 1 years till we really met. From the first second we both understand we made the right choice and we created for each other. It was not easy for us, but the greatest thing is that we learn from each other, we understand and support each other. It was a long way until we found each other and made the first step to start real relations and not just online chatting. The only thing I really regret is that we did not do this earlier. Now on warm cozy evenings with a cup of tea in hand we often remember some funny and nice moments from online communication and make plans for the future. Were we scared from the start? Sure we were. Are we happy now? Definitely we are. And we know for sure that more happy moments await us in future. All my dreams come true. My man was able to make all my dreams come true.