Wos Federinton and Betty

I am grateful to Dating.com! I assure you that I left my monotony, my boring life, full of work, stress, and bitterness. I am a skeptical person, I do not believe much in online dating. But... I wanted to make friends and maybe find a partner. And I found my best friend and my soul mate.

We took a step further when we met, I left my fears and lived an adventure. There were pleasant moments. The ugly thing is to be far away, is to be separated by borders, but good friendships exist and always prevail. We share laughs, our thoughts, and interests, and I hope this friendship is interesting and lasts for years.

So... Wos and I want to tell every person who reads this - come and chat :) maybe they will find a good friend as we did.

Thank you Dating.com! Because without you, maybe we would never have met.

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